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Common methods for daily cleaning and disinfection
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Plastic Commodity nice, bright colors, low price, by the majority of consumers. However, in the course, people often have the misconception that plastic is not moldy and rotten. In fact, in a humid environment, within the plastics chemical additives by prolonged contact with water and other solvents, will be a substantial leakage, resulting in the phenomenon of microbial growth, such as telephones, stereo microphone on will carry large amounts of bacteria. Under warm conditions, plastic items and also due to microbial bacteria erosion, surface spots, resulting in brittle and shrink, causing damage.

Reproduction on plastic items are mainly parasitic fungi microorganisms, can lead to post-baby contact thrush, ringworm and preschoolers susceptible hypersensitivity pneumonitis, and wound permanently and so on. Therefore, the elimination of fungal contamination of microorganisms on plastic items are very important. General approach is to add organic tin compounds and thiols, such as antibacterial agents in the manufacturing process, but it does not make the fungus completely extinct. So often disinfection is an important measure to eliminate pathogenic plastic items.

Cleaning and disinfection methods are presented as follows:

1. plastic tables, chairs and other furniture, to regularly wash with detergent, then wipe dry.

2. earpiece, microphone, bottles, cups and other plastic products, should always use 75% alcohol solution or 5% solution of potassium permanganate or nontoxic to humans aerosol disinfectant scrub.

3. sofas and mattresses and other polyurethane plastics produced commodities, the cap should always wash with detergent, scrub the outer surface.

4. When using plastic, but also pay attention to the following points:

(1) Household Plastic flooring should be preferred membrane type, often rolled up for easy cleaning and disinfection, and kept dry.

(2) toilet unventilated damp ground, generally do not use plastic floor.

(3) the use of ABS plastic shell and other daily necessities such as home appliances, should not use creosote soap cleaned and disinfected. This is because the creosote soap will soften the sticky surface of ABS plastic, and it is not the use of industrial alcohol wipe containing methanol, because industrial alcohol can accelerate the aging of ABS plastic.

5. Plastic products for cleaning agents. From 7% stearic acid, 1% sodium dodecyl benzene sulfonate, sodium carboxymethyl cellulose, 1%, 30% aluminum oxide, 2- (2-carboxy-3,5-di-t-pentylphenyl yl) benzotriazole 0.7%, 60.3% water mixed preparation. When used, the first group with a cloth dipped in the solution, then wipe wash; or plastics (including plexiglass) release detergent soak for 1 to 2 minutes, then remove the wipe clean with a rag.

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